Digital Nomads Caparica


Jul 14 2021



iTalks Almada – Nómadas Digitais: Jangada do Séc. XXI

Next 14th July italks Almada about Digital Nomads.

Digital nomadism is a very recent reality, made possible by technologies available since the end of the 20th century and which have been developed in recent years. These technologies allow for the compression of space and time. The Internet has completely revolutionized how we live for a large part of the world’s population.

There are people excluded from the information age for various reasons, including financial ones, but access is increasingly easier and more widespread.

iTalks Almada will debate the topic with experts and learn about successful practices and cases.

Gonçalo Hall and Claudia Paulina from Digital Nomads Caparica will be present in this debate.