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Covento dos Capuchos




Jun 11 2021 - Jul 03 2021


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Capuchos Music Festival

During the 21 editions of the Festival, between 1981 and 2001, under the artistic direction of José Adelino Tacanho, many were the national and international soloists and groups, who brightened it up and its eclectic program was awaited, year after year, with great expectation.

Two decades later, the Capuchos Festival “is reborn”, in the place that gives its name, the Capuchos Convent, and that inspires its programmatic concept: “five centuries of History and five centuries of Music”, thus reflecting the extraordinary creation music over these almost 500 years, from the Renaissance to contemporary music


“Marking the beginning or continuation of a festival is always a cause for joy, not least because we all know how important festivals are for cultural diversity and access to culture, decentralization, the commitment of populations, companies, civil society; but welcoming a festival that had been interrupted for a long time still means more, because it demonstrates the tenacity of these projects that, so often, depend on a certain enthusiast, on certain support, on unstable or favorable winds               Honoring Alfred Brendel, in his presence, evoking Astor Piazzolla, giving stage to national and foreign composers, orchestras and musicians, of ancient and modern music, appealing to the crossing of eras, generations, and even artistic disciplines, the Capuchos Festival returns rescuing the place he conquered, the audience that is his, the music that he hears again after an exceeding able interval.”

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

Presidente da República Portuguesa


“As part of the Local Strategy for Culture, this is a festival open to all Almada Residents and all who visit us, a cultural initiative of excellence, which will honor the history of the past 21 editions, projecting a future in which the Capuchos Convent is internationally recognized as a host space for musical excellence, making Almada a “capital of the performing arts”.               Almada is a territory of many that nurtures a profound pride for its diversity that saw the birth of countless talents from all artistic expressions.”

Inês de Medeiros

Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Almada