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Oct 16 - 17 2021

Authentic Communication Retreal

Hello Beautiful People, The vision of Digital Nomads Caparica is not just about coworking, fun and lifestyle. We strongly believe that human development plays a huge part in building healthy relationships personally and professionally. Conscious relationships are also crucial for building happy and vibrant communities. I guess you agree with this! (Yes I’m one of the co-founders of the dream team Digital Nomads Caparica!! ) My soul partner and I are preparing a 2 day Retreat to go deep in Communication and Relationship Dynamics.


2 day Authentic Communication Retreal in Caparica,

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Self development and self empowerment is key to success in all areas of our life. In the last 10 years Sophie Marie and I Allan Sousa have learned a lot about how to build authentic relationships and we have a lot of processes and distinctions to share with you! Join this personal journey where you will learn and practice Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, Possibility Management, Systemic Work. We designed a power and deep experience for you. Do you want to join the group on this journey?

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