Digital Nomads Caparica


Vale de Azinhaga
Costas de Cão (Almada)




Jul 24 - 25 2021


09:00 - 18:00

2-day Authentic Communication Retreat

Authentic Communication is a set of self-knowledge tools based on processes that help to have a better relationship with you and with others.

In this retreat you will, with the support of Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication, Family Constellations and Possibility Management practices:

– Train your self-observation skills without judgment.
– Understand better your communication patterns that block the fluidity of your relationships.

– Role-play conflict situations to better understand the underlying needs of both parties.

– Understand the unconscious systemic dynamics that influence your relationships.

– Be more clear about the limits you need to set for yourself and others.

– Understand the level of responsibility you want to have in your life and in your relationships.

If you want to take advantage of this summer to INVEST IN IT, this retreat is for you!

There is a possibility to sleep on site in a tent or nearby in local accommodation.

For more information and prices send a message to
Allan Sousa: 967 562 558 (Telegram / Whatsapp)